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Inkjet Solutions

Whether your business relies on high quality textile printing, wide format graphics or 3D rapid prototyping, Ricoh is here to provide you with the latest and best in inkjet technology.

With over 30 years’ experience and more than 200 inkjet patents to our name, Ricoh remains at the forefront of inkjet technology innovation. Continual investment and development of our market leading drop on demand (DOD) stainless steel constructed print head family means that our industrial and speciality market customers always have access to the latest the industry has to offer.

Our Inkjet Technology Centre, located in the UK, provides assessments on aspects like fluid compatibility and jetting characteristics alongside component compatibility for particular applications. And our global inkjet support network offers tailored assistance every step of the way, from design and evaluation through to validation of component performance.

Ricoh’s inkjet solutions include:

Wide format graphics
Short and medium digital print runs for the graphic arts and marketing industries, including customisation and variable data printing for quick, cost-effective personalisation of content.

Textile printing
From one-off samples and short run versioning to high productivity, high quality long runs, we provide industrial textile printing on all types of materials.

Label printing
For businesses migrating from flexo and screen printing to digital printing technology, our solutions offer speed, flexibility and high quality colour reproduction.

3D printing
A practical, clean solution for rapid prototyping and sampling, whether you’re developing consumer goods and electronics or industrial, dental and medical components and products.

Caratteristiche e vantaggi principali

Ricoh provides fully supported solutions for speciality and industrial inkjet printing requirements. We offer tailored consulting to help you establish the technology solution that’s most appropriate for your business, and then provide technical support for the duration of your Ricoh product life cycle.

Here’s what you can expect from your Ricoh solution:

Wide format graphics

  • Broad and varied ink types, including aqueous, solvent, UV and latex for roll to roll and flatbed product ranges
  • One-off and short runs for proof of concept needs
  • High frequency operation for good throughput performance
  • Strong durability for high duty cycle applications
  • Low voltage requirements

Textile printing

  • One-off, short, medium and long runs
  • Support for the large print gaps required for textile printing
  • Industrial textile printing on all types of materials, from cotton to silk
  • Support for a wide variety of ink types, including aqueous-based dye and pigmented inks, thanks to stainless steel construction
  • Variable ink drop size to accommodate multiple resolutions

Label printing

  • Small ink drop size for fine detail and high resolution applications
  • High frequency operation for good speed
  • Native 600 dpi with greyscale capability for photo-like applications

3D printing

  • All metal construction allows for high temperature operation
  • Rugged and durable design supports high duty cycle requirements
  • High flow rate facilitates high productivity