Customer Communication Management

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Il 73% dei dirigenti europei ritiene che le aziende dovrebbero essere più reattive nell'adottare nuovi sistemi organizzativi.

Ricoh’s Customer Communication Management service gradually migrates retail banks’ customers from paper-based to electronic communications through personalised marketing campaigns. The service will facilitate better customer care, retention and acquisition, while reducing costs.

A new era of financial services

Businesses in the financial services sector today face a perfect storm of growing scrutiny, greater pressures for regulatory compliance and an increasingly demanding customer.

The Customer Communication Management service can address these and other key challenges by allowing financial institutions to:

  • offer higher levels of customer care by delivering customer centric solutions

  • reduce operational costs associated with customer acquisition and retention

  • facilitate the delivery of more efficient services and increased productivity.

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Putting your customers back in the middle

Through a unique combination of consultancy and outsourcing, Ricoh’s Customer Communication Management service assumes responsibility for all paper-based outputs from day one. It empowers retail banks to gradually migrate their customers from inefficient paper-based communications to electronic communications over a phased period via targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.

The customer experience is enhanced by receiving information in the preferred format, and as a result perception of the bank is likely to improve, leading to increased retention rates.  A gradual migration to electronic communications delivers significant cost saving advantages to the bank, while all data and communications are available to clients 24/7 in the level 3 secure Ricoh cloud.

To discover more about these and other advantages, including customer case studies, read our downloadable brochure.

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Ultimately, end-to-end service integration delivers real business advantage. Business risks are mitigated and customers receive a better service. Other advantages include:

  • Reduced cost of on-boarding customers

  • Significant cost-savings over posted, paper-based communications

  • Compliant audit trail

  • CSR and green objectives met through reduction in paper-based communications.

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Customer case studies

Learn more about how Ricoh’s services have helped its customers improve their information flow to achieve significant cost savings:

  • A leading global insurance company has transformed its document processes, improving customer service levels and reducing costs, by allowing Ricoh to process more than 60 million documents every year.

  • Dalkia, Europe’s leading energy service provider, handled exceptional customer growth by giving Ricoh responsibility for processing all supplier invoices, a move that is estimated to have released the equivalent of 3.5 full-time employees, saving the business approximately €200,000 pa.

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Financial Services' Challenges of Speed


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